harpers.jpgThis blogsite is a companion to the website of the Harpers Ferry Historic Town Foundation – a 501(c)(3) organization chartered and dedicated to “preservation, promotion and beautification of the Town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia — a Town that inspires citizens and visitors with its history, beauty, and hospitality.” These pages are here for Foundation members, residents, and friends alike as we work on a daily basis to preserve and celebrate Harpers Ferry’s colorful past as well as to plan for its future.

Some of it is highfalutin’ vision stuff (“How do we define the idea of Harpers Ferry, a tiny town with a worldwide reputation?”); some of it is policy-wonkish (“What do we do about the paper streets?”), and some of it is downright mundane (“what kind of trash recepticles should we have in the Lower Town?”) Regardless of the level, however, the conversation on these pages is designed to transparent, easily accessible, and (we hope) governed by good manners and respect for all. Feel free to join the conversation!

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